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Wolverine Covid 19 Policy

Wolverine Trails and COVID-19


Wolverine continues to take precautions as the safety and health of visitors and volunteers is a top priority.  We continue to look to the CDC leadership for guidance.  

The chalet will be open but the tables will be removed and the back room will be closed off.   No cookies  or hot chocolate will be available

  • A limited number of people are allowed in the chalet  at any one time – do not linger.
  • Wear a mask / face covering when in the chalet.
  • Doors will be designated enter only/exit only
  • Maps and brochures are available outside of the chalet
  • Chalet and toilets will not be disinfected.  There is hand sanitizer and antibacterial spray available but there will not be a volunteer to clean the chalet or the toilets on a regular basis, therefore enter at your own discretion.
  • Please use the donation box outside the chalet for your contributions.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate your donation.

Enjoy the trail                       Stay safe