Nordic Skiing

LAKE EFFECT SNOW provides us with snow that tends to arrive earlier, pile deeper and last longer than anywhere else in the Midwest.

WOLVERINE NORDIC SKI CLUB volunteers maintain and groom the trail system which consists of 8 ski trails that provide 25 kilometers of both skate skiing and classic style cross country skiing. The rolling terrain provides trails for all levels of skiing from expert to novice.

Warm-up Loop - .2 km - Easiest
Novice Loop - 2 km (blue markers) Easiest
Wolverine Loop - 4.7 km (pink markers) More Difficult with some Most Difficult
Cliffs Trail - 1.4 km (green markers) More difficult
Cliff Hanger - 1.7 km (orange markers) Most difficult
Powderhorn Loop - 5.6 km (yellow markers) More Difficult and Most Difficult
Powderhorn Cutoff - .1 km (by using this cutoff Powderhorn Loop 4.37km)
3 Sisters Cutoff .- 1 km                                                                                                          Hospital Trailhead Loop- .5 km  (Accesses Wolverine ski trails and Hospital and Porcupine Valley Snowshoe trails)