All SNOWSHOE TRAILS can be accessed at the Wolverine Chalet trail head.

  • All snowshoe trails are marked with color-coded blue metal diamonds and / or blue ribbons
  • Please stay on snowshoe trail only, do not snowshoe on groomed ski trails.
  • Skiers have the right away, use caution crossing ski trails
  • Keep dogs within sight. Do not allow them to wonder onto the ski trails

​There are 4 snowshoe trails

Hospital Loop Trail:
4.5 K.(2.8 miles) Most Difficult
Marked with blue metal diamonds
Access from Wolverine and the Hospital Trail Heads

Snowflake Loop Trail
2.1 K (1.3 miles) Easiest
Marked with red blaze on blue metal diamonds.
Access on the right side in front of the Wolverine chalet.​

Snow Snake Trail
2.3 K. (1.4 miles) More Difficult (Intermediate)
Marked with light blue blaze on blue metal diamond.
Follow Hospital loop from chalet to the 2nd trail head sign. Turn left, follow light blue markers to the trail end then follow the Chalet markers back to chalet.
Fischer Ridge Trail is a snowshoe/bike trail that adds an additional 1.9 K onto Snowsnake Loop

Snow Summit Loop
​2.8 K. (1.7 miles) More difficult (intermediate)
​Marked with pink blaze on blue metal diamonds/blue ribbons
Access at Snow Summit Parking Lot Trail Head
Can also access at Wolverine Chalet ( 2.6 K or 1.6 miles-one way)
Snowbikes use this trail head and share parts of the trail
Skiers have the right of way, use caution crossing ski trails​

Please do not snowshoe on the groomed ski trails.