Trail Etiquette

Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Biking Etiquette at Wolverine Trails

  • Snowshoers and bikers must use designated snowshoe/bike trails only. Do not ride/walk on groomed ski trails.
  • Skiers have the right of way. Snowshoers and bikers use caution crossing the ski trails.
  • Faster skiers should step around slower skiers when it is safe to do so. A friendly greeting is also recommended.
  • Trails are two way unless noted – use caution on hills and keep right.
  • Downhill skiers have the right of way
  • Please pack out all litter.
  • If you come across a stick or debris that has blown onto the trail, if you are in a safe place, please throw it off of the trail.
  • If you must herringbone to get up a hill, please do so on the skate lane as not to disturb the set track.
  • If walking is necessary, stay to one side and avoid walking on set tracks and groomed trails.
  • If you fall, move off the track and fill in any holes left behind so it is safe for the next skiers.
  • Keep to the right when meeting oncoming skiers. Skaters should step into tracks when possible to provide more room for oncoming skaters.
  • Keep clear of the track when not skiing. Stay well to the edge if rewaxing, chatting or resting. Don’t stop at the bottom of hills or on blind corners.
  • Be courteous and helpful to fellow trail users
  • Always follow the proper direction on one-way trails.

Before heading out...

  • Check the weather forecast and bring along proper clothing and equipment.
  • Sunlight can burn even on cold and cloudy days. Protect your skin and eyes from the sun and wind.
  • Know your route. Trail maps are available in the warming chalet.
  • Bring sufficient water with you to stay hydrated, and be on guard for signs of frost-bite and hypothermia.
  • Understand the trail difficulty symbols to help you ski/snowshoe within your abilities.
  • Easiest More Difficult (Intermediate) Most Difficult​
  • Snow conditions will change trail difficulty.

Etiquette for Dogs’ Owners ​

  • Dog owners must take responsibility for their animals Wolverine Ski Club and land owners are not responsible for damage or injury that may occur due to your dog.
  • Your dog must be well-behaved, within your sight at all times and must listen to your verbal command
  • Do not allow dogs to roam free in the chalet, stadium or parking lot
  • Only allow your dog visit with other people or dogs, when welcomed.
  • Dogs that are aggressive to people or other dogs should not be at Wolverine.
  • If snowshoeing, do not allow dogs to run ahead onto the ski trail
  • Clean up after your dog immediately. There are Mutt Mitts and scoops for your use at all trail heads

*Adapted from Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club website